EverClean™ Complete Line of Laundry Chemicals

Ideal Chemical’s flagship brand, the EverClean™ Specialty Chemical Division was developed specifically for commercial laundries and related services, based on over 75 years of expertise. EverClean™ is the Ideal solution for healthcare, hospitality, dry cleaning, and industrial commercial laundries.

  • Complete line of laundry chemicals designed to bring a balance of speed and efficiency with products that are innovative and cost-effective. For a list and description of EverClean™ products, click here (PDF).
  • Ideal’s team of experienced EverClean™ Service Technicians can program and service all types of laundry equipment to meet/exceed customer’s requirements.
  • Ideal’s staff of professional laboratory and quality control chemists are constantly formulating EverClean™ products to meet Environmental and Industry challenges. New products are being developed to provide “Green” technology while maintaining unsurpassed quality to meet the Design for the Environment (DfE) standards.
  • Simple to order and manage optimum supply levels for each operation.

Whether your laundry consists of a 50 pound washer or a large tunnel washer, EverClean™ products can meet your specific needs. Ideal will bring you efficient, profitable, and cost effective laundry supplies in sizes ranging from one gallon jugs to multi-compartmented bulk deliveries to satisfy any size requirement.

Various Chemical Distribution Containers

Ideal will install a turnkey chemical storage and supply process that is safe, clean and efficient.